Friday, 30 January 2015

Let Learn A Simple Magic Card Trick

HI...Today im gonna show you a simple magic card trick...I just learnt it  and i want to share with you this trick ....It is really easy like  eating 'kacang butir'... Hahaha.. Everyone can learn it..It can be done by using 4 cards...I dont mean to show off but i just want to show that even a normal people can perform...

WARNING!!!!!!..... This trick does not belong to me ..... I just want to share it and in the next entry i will make a tutorial on how to perform this trick...I hope u enjoy it and perhaps you can show it to your friend later.. you can impress your friends and family by showing this trick to them.. It is a simple trick but it can make someone's day...See u next time....Have a nice day.... :)